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Miracle of the Jakamimes – Eberhard Niedrig

$ 69.99

In stock

Another great item from Eberhard Niedrig the story telling magician from East Germany.

Marco Plambeck has again done a fantastic job in assembling and decorating the parts that were found in Eberhard’s estate. I am very fond of this Close-Up storytelling magic.

The story takes place in the Rainforest of Brazil and explains how the Shaman of an ancient tribe was able to lead the tribe to escape the flooding and drowning during the rainy season.

He relied on a special breed of ants that were called the Jakamimes. To this day nobody really knows how but these ants knew from which direction came the worst flooding danger and pointed the Shaman in the direction for the tribe to flee to safety……

Based on this story, the magician reenacts the feat using the outline of South America that was drawn on a piece of leather. A spectator gets to place a replica of the Jakamime ant on the map and covers it with an opaque cover.

When this is complete the magician returns and quickly demonstrates the rituals the Shaman went thru to determine what the aunt was trying to tell him. A special ancient Amulet (Wand) is used.

The Shaman determines the safest way for the tribe to move.

A spectator can than remove the cover and all can see that indeed the head of the Jekamime points toward the direction that the Shaman had determined as well.

If you enjoy taking your audience on a mental trip into the world of a Shaman paired with magic then you should take a good look at this.

We supply you with the pictured props that fit the plot perfectly along with English instructions.

The cover is entirely opaque and just as un-gimmicked as the amulet (magic wand) and map.

You will be very happy with the solution that enables you to retrieve the necessary information.

Get them while you can, limited supply.

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