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Christmas Magic Show (DVD) – Tommy James

$ 45.00


In stock

Are you looking for some outstanding routines and ideas to add to your Christmas performances? Watch Tommy performing his entire Christmas themed magic show in front of a live preschool audience.

Then go behind the scenes as Tommy thoroughly explains the workings and ideas behind each of these highly entertaining routines.

The Magic Chimney: A colorful and very magical opener to begin the show.

Flash Appearing Christmas Banner: A wonderful way to establish the magic words for the program.

Rudolph’s Noses: A sponge ball routine where ALL the kids do the magic!

Bunny Production: Magically produce a Christmas present and inside is a real live bunny!

Holiday Hats: Hilariously funny. The kids absolutely LOVE this one!

Magic Painting: A volunteer routine that is non-stop laughs and giggles.

Grinch Coloring Contest: Challenge the kids to a coloring contest and they win!

Traveling Candy & Candle: A rendition of a classic magic effect. A jar of candy and a candle change places with some great comedy antics.

Santa, Skunk & the Magic Chimney: A seven minute routine you will never leave out of your Christmas performance.

Christmas Cards Across: Tommy’s own “Cards Across” routine using two child helpers and playing cards with pictures of ornaments. Great magic!

Christmas Wishes: Another volunteer routine with two child helpers where they spell out MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The Christmas Tree: Tommy’s rendition of Smokey Mountain Magic’s “The Lost Star.” The Grinch steals the star but the kids help to get it back. A perfert running gag and the absolute perfect ending to a Christmas themed show!

Plus: Enjoy all the one-liners, gags and bits-of-business that make this show so entertaining to children and family audiences.

Performance DVD runs 45 minutes. Instructional DVD runs 1 hour 45 minutes. This DVD holds nothing back. You will NOT be disappointed! Lots of routines you can add into your own kid-show performances right away!

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