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The Works – Deluxe Edition (book set) – Jamy Ian Swiss DAMAGE


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Important Condition Note: We received some copies of these set with damaged slipcases. The books are find, the slipcases could be fixed by taping them. Since the slipcases are damaged we have reduced the price as if the slipcase was not present at all. Please do not ask for additional pictures, just consider the slipcase missing and you will be pleased. 

Only 250 of this Deluxe Set have been produced!

Jamy Ian Swiss has successfully published books (Shattering Illusions & Devious Standards) in the past and is well know thru his writings in Genii magazine as well.

His newest book “Preserving Mystery” is an important book, one that will be studied and discussed long after most books fade into the periphery. A well done collection of essays by the inimitable Jamy Ian Swiss.

For the collectors & lovers of fine books a stunning deluxe set of books has been produced called “The Works – Deluxe Collection” which includes “Preserving Mystery” as well as “Shattering Illusions” and “Devious Standard” and also includes a fourth volume NOT AVAILABLE SEPARATELY.

The fourth book, Light and Heat collects the very best of Swiss’s book reviews from his heralded Genii column. This special volume is comprised of pieces Jamy and friends handpicked from almost twenty years of informative reviews. You can only obtain Light and Heat by purchasing “The Works” deluxe set.

The Works deluxe set contains:
Shattering Illusions
Devious Standards
Preserving Mystery
Light and Heat

All titles are individually signed and numbered by Jamy Ian Swiss on custom bookplates. The books are bound with a polished, leatherette finish and include a gorgeous matte black slipcase embellished with gold foil stamping.

Regular copies of the three Jamy Jan Swiss books are available on our website individually.

Contents of Preserving Mystery
Foreword by Adam Gopnik
Cannon Fodder
Hacked to Death
What Works
How Do We Insult Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
Critical Thinking
Email from a Friend
Dichotomies: Mentalism versus Mental Magic
Escape Artistry
Al Flosso: Coney Island Fakir
The Skinner Touch
A Giant Among Us
Presto: A Grand Master
A Magician Prepares
Making Introductions
Suiting Repertoire
On the French Drop
Gaffs versus Skill
SSSS: The Swiss Sleight Study System
Preserving Mystery

Contents of Devious Standards
Foreword by Roberto Giobbi
The Method is Not the Trick
Martin Nash
Discovering Importance
Derek Dingle: Times Remembered, Times Past
A Dissertation on the Double Lift
Bob Read
The JS Rules of Magic
The Last Layman
Billy McComb: The Hippest Guy in the Room

Contents of Shattering Illusions
Foreword by Patrick Watson
Cannon Fodder
Why Magic Sucks
Mentalism Grows Up
Odometer Ethics
Decent Exposure
Magic in the Age of Information
Real Secrets
A Brief History of Magic Bar
The Writing on the Wall
A Magician Prepares
Audience Members and Other Props
Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue
Sleights, Lies, and Videotape
First Do No Harm
Good Trick, Bad Trick
The Too-Perfect Theory in Action
In Defense of Technique
Unnatural Acts: Invoking the Supra-natural
A Commercial Message
Lessons and Learning
The Elements of Style
The Search for Mystery


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