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The Prisoner Cube – Magiro / Limited Edition Magic

$ 195.00

In stock


Along with Witch’s Tunnel, Babuska and Hydro Die – this is one of Magiro’s  best. The climax takes everyone by surprise.

Here’s the effect:

Performer displays a small platform which has a tri-fold screen resting on it.

At the bottom of the screen is a square transparent window with lines running across like a jail cell.

Visible through the window is the bottom portion of a clear acrylic tube.

He also displays two solid cubes – one yellow and one red.

The spectator names a color and the performer states that one cube will act as the prisoner and the other as the guard.

He picks up the prisoner cube (yellow) and holds it above the screen.

He then drops it down into the tube where it lands at the bottom of the clear tube and is now visible through the window.

Not much of a trick so far – until the performer removes the screen.

The spectator will be shocked to see that blocking the path at the top of the clear tube are two crisscrossing solid bolts and nuts firmly locked in place!

It’s impossible for the solid cube to pass through them!

The screen is laid flat on the table and all may be examined!

(For those who will ask – yes – there is a very easy cleanup involved which happens while all eyes are on the trapped cube. The misdirection couldn’t be stronger. Performing this routine at a table makes the work even easier.)

This is a really offbeat and mechanically clever piece of micro magic. The kicker ending comes as a complete surprise.

There were two drawbacks to Magiro’s original design which have now been eliminated.

The gimmick has been reworked and the new design is truly ingenious. It allows for both red and yellow cubes to be on full display at the start of the routine and shown all around.

This edition was limited to only 25 pieces.

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