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Pimpernel Wallet – Peter Scarlett

$ 87.50

In stock

Finally the wait is over …. Heinz Minten received permission from Peter Scarlett to remake this celebrated wallet.

From Englands Peter Scarlett comes one of the most unassuming close-up weapons ever devised! It looks like a regular wallet, it feels like a regular wallet – indeed, it even functions like a regular wallet – but when the time comes, you are ready to level an audience, and the wallet does all the work! Although mechanically very different, it performs all the functions of a Himber Bombshell wallet. A wallet is placed on the table. A spectator then chooses a card from a red-backed deck and signs it, then shuffles it back into the pack. The performer says that he is so confident he can find the card, he will actually put money on it! The wallet is opened and some money removed. Note that at no time does the wallet go anywhere near the deck! The performer removes one card from the deck and places it in a transparent window in the wallet. “If your card is not in the wallet,” he explains, “the money is yours!”. The card is removed, but proves to be incorrect. As the spectator grabs for the money, the performer draws attention to a small zippered pocket on the other side of the open wallet – the zipper is opened and the signed selection is found inside! BUT THERE IS MORE! The signed, red-backed card then promptly changes color, leaving the spectator with a blue-backed souvenir! No Palming, no difficult sleights, and it resets in seconds! And just look at this list of satisfied customers: Scotty York, Paul Daniels, Carl Cloutier, Bobby Bernard, Bill Goldman, Gary Ouellet, and on and on!

A Billfold style wallet that does everything the Himber wallet does and more! Can be used as a multiple out wallet or a peek device. Looks like an ordinary wallet • no straps • no gimmicks • no slides • no hassle! • Real leather • built to last. Complete with several routines. A utility prop with endless uses.

Comes with a 24 pages booklet , a DVD and also online instructions


Hi Peter!
I believe I won’t be the first to tell you this, but I am totally fascinated with what I received today! Finally, this is the everyday wallet I am looking for. I know for sure that I’ll be using this for a long time. This wallet is great as it is one that allows for an extremely simple non-palming card to wallet routine and one that is so versatile as it is capable of functioning as a Himber wallet. Absolutely love this one! Thanks for the fantastic product! Yours Magically, Muhammad Shufi Salleh, Singapore

I have spent the summer season on a Greek Island (somebody’s got to do it) performing almost (twice) every night and at each close up portion of the evening I have used your wallet for my ‘signed card to wallet’ routine, probably 300+ performances. Your wallet is BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!! The wallet ‘broke in’ very quickly, handles brilliantly, I used it both in the act and for everyday use. It now looks like I’ve had it for years but will have (sadly for your sales…) many more years of use. Thank you for a GREAT product which I would have no hesitation in recommending to others. Paul Brignall.

Hi Peter: We met at Abbott’s Get-Together and I purchased one of your Wallets. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! What a great prop!!!
This is positively one of the finest, commercial Magic props I have ever purchased in my 50 years of doing Magic and quite possibly the best value in magic props I have ever seen! And you can quote me on that! Together with the included routines, and, in my opinion, the Dark Card Routine…it’s absolutely unbeatable! Rick Morein (USA)

I’ve openly spoken about this in past, but I’m saddened that the Pimpernel Wallet is becoming so popular. I bought it in Montreal about 3 years ago and have been selfishly using it since. Peter has made a wonderful product and when combined with Dark Card, provides a nice full-circle routine, that has got me more bookings than anything I really do. LOL – people actually know of me as the guy who changes the colour of the cards.

So once again, let me say, Peter, you’ve done a fantastic job of creating a product that I’m sure will be well embraced by the magic community at large. Alym Amlani (Canada)

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