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Okito Vol. 1-4 (VIDEO SERIES) – Dr. Robert Albo

Okito Vol. 1-4 (VIDEO SERIES) - Dr. Robert Albo

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$ 75.00

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Rare find….. Dr. Robert Albo. The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs Video Library. 1992. The set consists of 4 VHS videos of Dr Albo demonstrating and explaining Okito effects from his famed collection. Volume 1: The heritage of Okito featuring his magic through 1910. *The Butterfly Box *Coffee and Milk *Great Angling Trick *Mutilated Parasol *Multiplying Billiard Balls *Silk From Glass On Tray *Silk Vanish Tray and Decanter *Candles *Visible Restoration Of A Card *Flying Spheres *Tip-Over Box *Watch Box *Card To Canary Box *Where Did The Ducks Go? *Water Bowl Production *Dove Vanish Box *Hindoo Inkwell *Sleeve Production *Vanishing Silk Pistol. Volume 2: Okito’s magic through his tenure with Joe Berg, Featuring Lance Burton performing his rendition of Okito’s Floating Ball. *Cut-and-Restored Ribbon *Blue Phantom *Kuma Tubes *Multum In Parvo *Jewel Chest Mystery *Gobi Bowl *Rice To Guinea Pig *Card Star *Visible Block Penetration *Triangular Mystery *Block Penetration *Penetration Of Matter *Flap Box/Card Box *Floating Ball *Square Circle. Volume 3: Okito’s magic through the Okito-Redmon era. *Crystal Casket *Die Box *Silk Cabby *Water Bowl Vanish *Miraculous Production *Checker Cabinet *Tea Canister Mystery *Flip-Over Box and Mystic Block Vanish *Cage Production *Scare Mask and Dove *Alphabet Block *Zombie Cabinet. Volume 4: Okito’s magic in his final years and beyond. *Expanding Ball *Color-Changing Block *Mignon *Crystal Casket and Screen Vanish *Birth Of The Lotus Flowers *Mandarin Jewel Chest *Duck Production *Rabbit Production Die Box *Triple Production *Birth Of A Canary *Checker-Rice-Lemon *Rice Vase *Flower Production Plate *Confetti Box and Tube. Four VHS (!) tapes housed in a colorful case with 32 page booklet. These sold for $300 when they were available. We are selling this excellent set at much less than that. at that price you can have the videos converted to DVD for your own viewing pleasure.