Why another online magic store?

There is a need for a magic retailer that combines internet shopping with the customer service that you would associate with a high end retail store. We have set our goals high in order to become that company for you.

The principal of -Wolfgang Wollet- has more than 20 years of experience in the magic industry both as retailer and manufacturer. The most outstanding achievement was ownership of prestigious German magic company “the magic hands”. Insiders until this day still praise the quality of merchandise manufactured and sold by this company.

When you begin to become more acquainted with you will learn that we do not carry a product just because it is hip or new. We will carry professional products that will help the customer achieve his goal to strengthen his performance. While we understand that one man’s garbage might be another man’s showstopper we will not carry product that we can not stand 100% behind. We will not sell products that are poorly made or can not be executed in the way that they are advertised.

The purpose of is not just to sell you magic, we actually care about the art and want to move it forward, For this very reason we are not only a retailer of magic but we are manufacturing our own lines of magic as well.  We are working hard to bring you new, unusual effects and thus participate in an effort of keeping magic up to date.

At we understand the role of internet as a marketing tool. Never was so much information readily available at the customer’s fingertips and never were so many magic products available for purchase so easily. We want to make sure that you purchase products that are suitable for your background in magic and for their intended use and stand ready to answer all your questions you might have before an actual purchase. With help is just a mouse click away. Most importantly we know that you -the customer- has to be entirely satisfied with our company in order for us to be successful. You can count on the fact that we are not new to business and that we know the value of a repeat customer. If you should ever experience any problems with products purchased from us then we want to know about it. If you feel that there are things which we could do better, please do not hesitate to email us. You will find that real human beings are working here that aim to make your shopping experience at as pleasant as possible.

We carry one of the largest physical inventories in the world and have excellent contacts to both large wholesalers as well as individual small suppliers. If it is available we can get it for you. Brands like Fakini, JB Magic, Joe Porper, Viking, Ton Onosaka to just name a few are in stock ready to ship….

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Enjoy shopping on our website
Wolfgang Wollet